Overwhelmed by the excitement of Vietnam, British tourists spent 3 months exploring.

After the bus journey from Phnom Penh dropped Harry Bradley off in Ho Chi Minh City in February this year, this British tourist spent time wandering around and quickly became overwhelmed by the interestingness of Vietnam.

Một bức ảnh Harry Bradley chụp cảnh TP.HCM về đêm.

The towering skyscrapers and brightly lit buildings illuminate the sky, while the constant flow of traffic assures me that I won’t be lacking interesting scenes to capture here,” he wrote when posting a series of nighttime photos of Ho Chi Minh City on his Instagram account @harrybradleyphoto.

The tourist from the Isle of Wight in England then spent a month and a half traveling to Mui Ne, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Ninh Binh, Ha Long Bay, Hanoi…

Người nông dân đi bên đồng lúa chín vàng ở Ninh Bình - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEY The farmer walks beside the golden ripe rice field in Ninh Binh – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY.

The 45-day journey made Harry fall in love with Vietnam to the point where he had to change his itinerary to come back to Vietnam just one month later. On his second return, he stayed for another 45 days.

“I want to come to Vietnam because I want to see with my own eyes the lush green nature, the beautiful rice fields, and the long coastline of Vietnam. Along the way, I learned even more,” Harry Bradley shared with Tuoi Tre Online.

Fascinated by the diversity of Vietnam.

Before coming to Vietnam, Harry didn’t know what would await him.

“Before coming to Vietnam, I traveled around Asia for two months, and I realized how different everything was compared to life back home, so I came to Vietnam with an open mind,” he said.

“In the end, I was once again overwhelmed by the countless interesting things in Vietnam. I immediately felt welcomed here, and I felt really comfortable going out and exploring this country.”

Nha Trang về đêm - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEYNha Trang at night – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY

As a photography enthusiast, Harry Bradley quickly realized that diversity is the most impressive characteristic of Vietnam for photography.

“I truly love Vietnam and have spent a total of three months exploring this country, capturing fascinating locations with my camera. I love the culture, cuisine, the kindness of the Vietnamese people, as well as the natural diversity that Vietnam possesses. There are so many amazing places to photograph,” he said.

Ruộng bậc thang ở thị trấn Sa Pa - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEYTerraced fields in Sa Pa town – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY

Harry believes that Vietnam has everything, from ancient buildings to dense forests, mountains, rice fields, sand dunes, beaches, and even extremely diverse weather conditions.

Harry Bradley started taking photos over three years ago, and photography has now become his favorite job and true passion.

Earlier this year, the 28-year-old man decided to quit his job in the construction industry to dedicate all his time to traveling and taking photos.

Stopping in Vietnam, Harry said that although it was difficult to choose his favorite place, Sa Pa, Mui Ne, and Ninh Binh were the places that gave him the most beautiful pictures.

“My top three destinations in Vietnam are Sa Pa – where there are breathtaking hiking trips through mountains and terraced fields. Next is Mui Ne – where there are sand dunes, fishing villages, and stunning beaches. And the third place is Ninh Binh (Tam Coc) – where there are…

Khách du lịch lái xe địa hình khi tham quan đồi cát trắng ở tỉnh Bình Thuận - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEYTourists drive off-road vehicles when visiting the white sand dunes in Binh Thuan province – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY.

See photos, remember Vietnam.

Harry’s three months of traveling in Vietnam is also the three months that his Instagram followers get to admire nearly 300 beautiful photos of Vietnam that he took.

Looking at Harry’s photos of Vietnam, many people praise his photography skills, while others say that he reminds them of their beautiful memories in Vietnam. Some say that they feel inspired to visit Vietnam and see the beautiful scenery with their own eyes.

“Beautiful like a painting, I will definitely have to visit one day,” commented one person about the photos…

Đàn trâu đi trên đồng lúa mùa nước đổ Sa Pa - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEYBuffaloes walking on the rice field during the rainy season in Sa Pa – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY

“The photos of Mui Ne are really beautiful! It becomes enchanting at night with sparkling lights from the fishing boats!” another person commented.

Người dân địa phương đang phân loại hải sản sau chuyến đánh cá vào sáng sớm tại một làng chài ở Mũi Né, tỉnh Bình Thuận - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEYLocal residents are sorting seafood after a morning fishing trip in a fishing village in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan province – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY.

Harry confided that he hopes viewers of his photos can feel the atmosphere of the places he captured in the images.

“With Vietnam, I am especially happy when looking back at the landscape photos of mountains in Sa Pa, early mornings in Hoi An, and sunset scenes on sand dunes in Mui Ne. They truly bring me back to the moments I captured. These photos help revive memories so that others can also experience those places,” he said.

Một ngôi làng ở Sa Pa - Ảnh: HARRY BRADLEYA village in Sa Pa – Photo: HARRY BRADLEY
Du khách mê chụp ảnh Harry Bradley - Ảnh: NVCCTourists love taking photos of Harry Bradley – Photo: NVCC.